About the E-Pledge

Any electronic device that’s damaged or obsolete, or that you’re just not using any longer, is e-waste. For ages, these items have ended up in our landfills due to improper disposal.

The unnecessary dumping of large quantity of electronic devices in landfills causes environmental problems and health hazards. Studies have revealed that lead, mercury and other toxic chemicals can seep into our soil and water supply from the hundreds of thousands of devices dumped into the trash every day.

With Jogiv, it’s simple and easy to dispose of your old electronic devices / gadgets with convenience.

Take a pledge on your ewaste management now. Be the active change agent in promoting environmental justiceā€¦

The Pledge

I pledge to do my part to limit electronic waste and its negative impact on the environment and human health. We agree to uphold the following as a pledge of e-curators of electronic wastes:

  • We will not allow any hazardous e-waste we handle or control to be sent to solid waste (non-hazardous waste) landfills either directly or through intermediaries.
  • We will not allow any e-waste we handle to be sent to illegal recyclers either directly or through intermediaries.
  • We commit to ensuring that the entire recycling chain, including downstream intermediaries and recovery operations such as smelters, are meeting all applicable environmental and health regulations.
  • We further agree to support design for environment and toxics use reduction programs and/or legislation for electronic products.
  • We shall not directly or indirectly entertain children to collect and burn of ewaste.
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