JoGiv’s innovative citizen engagement mobile app “Ecolekt” will spearhead the EWaste awareness, sourcing & collection mechanism for ethical eco-efficient recycling in India. The initiative is to move towards making our world a sustainable place to live.

Our vision is to develop and deploy innovative social solutions using technologies to build a socially cleaner environment.

The Need

E-waste is an emerging problem to environment and health in India with discarding E-Waste numbers growing more than 2 million metric tons this year.
India has overtaken USA on total number of electronic gadget sales.
Majorly discarded electronic parts end up in municipal landfills.
Many dumped components are highly toxic and not biodegradable.
Seepage of toxic contents in to the underwater table is on a raise thus effecting the human health.
Absence of proper collection and disposal system in our country has lead to enormous amount of E-waste buried in the landfill.
Current recyclers installed capacity is under utilized due to absence of E-Waste supply chain in the country.
Unorganized sector is large and their processing and disposal is a major threat to health and environment in every city.

Key Features:

Give away your Ewaste
Click a photo and schedule a pick up of your Ewaste
Earn loyalty reward points against you Ewaste
Redeem rewards against vouchers from renowned online / offline retail stores
Communities can participate in our Give N Take program and conserve nature
Read amazing facts from our Did you know section
Advertise on the app and reach millions of people who care for environment.

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